Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 50 square meters

The White Flowers of plants symbolize purity, rebirth, eroticism.

The flowers of an almond tree are considered flowers of awakening, inviting life to start a new circle all over again!

White roses underline unity, purity and the virtue of a new love.

The lily is a synonym of whitenesshence of innocence as well as of virginity while at the same time it symbolizes wisdomloyalty and value.

At Flower Pot ComplexWhitebloom signifies clarity of the mind and soul, purity of intention, summertime peace and ample eroticism.

This deluxe apartment offers floral decoration, inspired by White Flowers, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen-dining room. Air conditioning and a smart-TV complete the picture of comfort and luxury.


Renovated in 2020, a two-room apartment, 1-4 guests, 50 m².

SFBB: High Speed Internet Up to 500 Mbps


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