Capacity: 1-4 persons
Size: 50 square meters

Orchid is the flower which, since the Victorian Age, stands for luxury, grandiosity and glory.
It is also a symbol of delicate beauty, and mature charm, while pink orchids stand for pure love!

According to mythology, people could control the sex of their unborn children by eating tubers of orchid.
If the father ate big, young tubers, the child would be male, whereas if the mother ate small tubers, a female would be born.

At the Flower Pot complex, Orchid means beautiful moments, ingenuous luxury, grandiosity of emotions, unique switching from serenity to passion!

This deluxe apartment offers floral decoration, inspired by an orchid, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen-dining room.   Air conditioning and a smart-TV complete the picture of comfort and luxury.


Renovated in 2020, a two-room apartment, 1-4 guests, 50 m².

SFBB: High Speed Internet Up to 500 Mbps

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